AromaPolti was born in 2005 as a company specializing in the packaging and distribution of coffee in capsules and over the years it is distinguished in Italy and in the world for the quality of his products.

The quality of AromaPolti blends is the result of the search, the detail care and the selection of exclusive blends. A journey around the world, a clever mix of blends, scents and flavors from Asia, Africa, Central and South America.


A passion for coffee is something we share with our customers, something that drives us to experiment every day to offer you more and more and continue improving our products, thanks to your suggestions.

Aromapolti Coffee – from the bean to the cup, in three weeks
Around the world with Aromapolti, with 8 stops:
Pulitura caffè

The harvested coffee beans are selected, discarding all impurities.

Before grinding, the blend that determines the features of the final beverage and preserves them over time is prepared.

tostatura-new.jpg riposo-new.jpg

When the right blend has been identified, the beans are roasted. Roasting is very slow to eliminate any risk of burning.

The beans are then left to rest for ten days or so to release all the gases generated during roasting.

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Grinding is a very delicate phase. If the grind is too coarse, the water will not be able to extract all the coffee’s aroma; if it is too fine, the espresso will be too strong. AromaPolti blends are encapsulated immediately after the roasting and grinding process and packaged immediately.

After careful grinding, dosing and pressing must also be optimal to obtain a true espresso just like the one from the espresso bar.

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A focus on detail, encapsulated. The coffee is packed immediately after grinding, preserving its aroma for several months because it is kept far away from light, air and moisture to preserve its quality and precious properties

Five blends for the most demanding, refined palates: Sublime, Crema, Elisir, Premium and Deca.